Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's My Birthday - I'm Five! Let Me Shout that I'm Five!

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! "What's that black thing in front of your face?" "Can I play with it?" "Walk with me! Faster!"
Miss Krispy Kreme turns five years old January 20! What a cute girl. All enthusiasm and affection.

We'll be at "Good Manners" class first thing in the morning. She can't quite understand "down" -- she's already so close to the ground, seems silly to get closer! Strange thing is she does it automatically each time she's waiting to have her harness put on her. But try it with a treat, lowering it to the ground from a "sit." She just doesn't get it and up pops her fanny as she pursues the treat.

Latest quirk: Besides great fear of windshield wipers (a phobia discovered as the rainy season began here), her latest phobia is Fear of Frogs Croaking. Yup. I don't know the technical name for this serious disorder, but the sounds of the frogs going into their song in the evenings in the pond out back really freaks her out. Now, she doesn't react the same way as she does to the basketball bouncing or a beeping cell phone or smoke detector. She's just disconcerted and paces a bit. If she feels really bad, she'll crawl under my dresser.

I was so happy that Krispy and Quincy provided me with a second opportunity to document their shared bed use. This is the smallest one. There's hardly room for one of them in this bed, let alone two mini-doxies! I found them a few days earlier (but, alas, sans camera opportunity) in Quincy's favorite bed -- the blue one, a bit larger, easily shared by two. They looked so cute together. Here Krispy doesn't really fit, butt hanging out and all, but it is sweet.

Oops! It really is too small for both of us! "What is that black thing in front of your face?" Krispy queries upon rising from her repose.
A great irony of the "bed" thing is that she didn't like any of them for many, many months. Now that Quincy's visiting and uses beds all the time, she likes them. She uses the one in the bedroom and the one in the office.

The view I see most often on our walks. First, both Krispy and Quincy compete heavily for the right to squeeze out the front door first...literally squeezing between furniture and door opening. The tail wagging is a dead giveaway here; they are both blissful at the opportunity for a romp outside. (Recently this has been curtailed since Krispy made a daring, non-Stalig 17-style escape briefly -- in front of my eyes -- with the intention of attacking Tyler, the basketball shooting neighbor. Huge heart attack later, pre-fence repair, they are restricted to the indoors until the storms are over and fence repaired.)

Happy Birthday, Miss Krispy Kreme! You've become quite the little lady of the house.

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