Friday, January 20, 2012

The Birthday Girl Hits 7!

If some of the words come out funny, it's because Krispy Kreme is draped over my left hand as I type. My long, little girl is seven years old today!

With the continuing downpour (okay, heavy dew) she's not too keen on much outdoor time. She stares at it in a bit of surprise that we actually have some rain. (Left hand now released from pillow duties!...only momentarily -- just long enough to type that sentence!)

Emily is much the same. She stares at the rain coming down as if she's on another planet. And then it's, "Let me out!" and "Let me in!" Rinse. Repeat.

Today I shall miss Krispy's usual exuberance for the out of doors. Yesterday when we went out she demonstrated her tremendous acrobatic skills by leaping from the top of the stoop to the patio and repeating this with the steps to the driveway, circling a fast-as-ever lap around the sideyard garden. "Take me out! Take me out!"

You'd think with all that enthusiasm she would be tugging at the leash for a long walk. But, noooooooooooo! Like a girl, she's all hurry up and wait! Walk fast and then sit the butt down not to budge an inch! (Sigh.)

If I want a serious walk, I generally have to carry her to the furthest point, and then she's willing to walk/trot the return. But not in the other direction....

A week or so ago Miss Krispy Kreme gave the neighbors (and myself) quite a fright. Evidently I'd forgotten to lock one of the doors when I went to meet a client. Krispy, not understanding the size of the world, managed to spring the door open, leap the fence, and went looking for me on the Streets of Napa.

Fortunately, my very kind neighbors, David, Patty and Yvette, took to the streets to chase her down (or rather, coax her home). But as they all mentioned, Krispy is quite the speed demon. Thankfully, they managed to steer her back up the street and into the house before I even knew she'd had an adventure. (I got home within another fifteen minutes.)

She was rather subdued for the next several days likely mulling over the sagacity of surfing the Streets of Napa. And I, being completely mortified at such a negligent error in forgetting to lock the door, have been diligently checking the deadbolt every time I leave the house.

There will be some special treat a bit later today. I think she's earned it! And she'll have plenty more lap-time opportunity as I crank away at my desk.

Happy Birthday, Miss Kreme!