Monday, November 2, 2009

Kisses for Krispy Kreme...Not!

Just 'cuz they roughly look like the size and shape of a dog treat doesn't mean they actually are! Sooooooo, one hundred-odd dollars later, Krispy is a bit lethargic (from the meds) and my wallet is thinner, all because someone went hunting in a very unusual place and found a leftover, open bag of Kisses from Halloween. (Sigh.) This was so NOT how I intended to spend a chunk of my busy Monday afternoon...but I did. Krispy was most cooperative.
I had gone off to the grocery store for a half hour and left her to roam the house freely. If I'm gone longer, I confine her to the bedroom so she can feel completely safe and snug. Big mistake!

I got home approximately forty minutes later to find Krispy Kreme in her usual, excited mood, happy to see me. I began unloading the first bag of groceries while I let her frolic between the front yard (which she loves) and in the house by me in the kitchen. When I brought in the next load of groceries and moved one item out of the kitchen, I noticed the telltale ripped bag of Kisses on the floor. (The teeth marks are a dead giveaway.) And as a general rule, I never leave any food on or near the floor for the Little Princess to consume on her own time. OK, occasionally I forget to take up the cat's food, and Krispy may eat it. But most of the time she only goes after her own food.

At first, marginal panic: 'How much chocolate did she eat?!' I counted out the remaining pieces and my memory of what had been left in the bag. Then I gathered the tiny bits remaining on the floor. Putting on my best Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat, I examined the remaining bit of foil wrapping, chocolate bits and plastic wrap. Hmmmmm. Looked like she got part of one and most of another -- including the single almond inside and the white "Hershey's" flag streamer. Maybe not so devilishly toxic in such a small quantity. Hmmmm.

I called the vet, and after some discussion I agreed to bring Krispy in for monitoring and perhaps de-toxing. So now here we are a couple of hours later. She's sleeping under the file cabinet having been de-puked (not much, it turned out) and given active charcoal to attract the remaining chocolate in her system. Needless to say, the remaining Hershey's Kisses are now moved far, far away from anything she can reach.