Thursday, May 24, 2012

Krispy Kreme's Third Anniversary

Lest there's any confusion, Krispy is seven years young, but she's only been with me for the past three.

She made a big impression on her first day by bolting under my brother's yard gate within the first half hour I had her. More on that in our first post at this sporadic blog.

Thankfully my spry long dog no longer expresses interest in making a fast getaway. She loves her garden time and is an avid sunbather.

You can see in these pics how much her coat has improved too over the years. The shot of her in the sidebar at right was taken less than a week after I got her. And I knew her coat would get much richer (and ears looking longer) with a much better diet than she'd been eating.

I had just finished snapping a series of pics of those nice irises when my four-legged sweetie stepped into the frame for her share of the attention. Given the difficulty at times of getting good shots (what with all that walking up to the lens and sticking her nose in it from time to time), I was happy she'd learned to pose like a pro.

It's true that she runs off to the backyard from time to time to bark loudly (her version of loud) at the neighbor's dogs on the other side of the fence. But most of the time she likes to stick fairly close by in the front yard. Nothing like a patch of warm concrete to get a dachshund to stretch out on it.

She wanted to make sure I got all the requisite profile shots. Yes, yes, turn to the left, Miss Kreme!

Of course, for an angle at her level it requires a bit of contortionist bending to get the lens down to a foot off the ground. (That's what CrossFit class is for with all those low squats!)

And what would it be like without the need for a bit of stretching and scratching with those stretchy back legs?

Happy Third Anniversary, Krispy Kreme, for being the most awesome Wine Country Dachshund!